Preventive Maintenance

What is preventive maintenance


Preventive maintenance is not about fixing problems. Its focus is on preventing those problems from ever happening in the first place. It includes activities such as cleaning, lubrication, adjustments, repairs, and parts replacement. Each of these activities is performed in order to keep the equipment running in top condition and to prevent downtime and reactive fixes.

Oil Specifications.


Each piece of equipment has a specific oil requirement. Refer to your owners manual for proper weight and viscosity. We can use any oil you prefer but we use and recommend Royal Purple.

Motor grease and Lifetime


We can supply any motor grease you prefer. We use Mobile Polyrex grease when doing Preventive maintenance on motors. Typically a motor will have a required grease. Mixture of Grease types is not recommended. 

Alignment analysis


We are devoted to the life of your equipment. We check alignment on every pump PM and insure proper shaft coupling effect. We also do initial alignment and commissioning of machinery. 

Vibration analysis


We can single out problem piping and areas with vibration analysis. By singling out problem vibration areas they can be properly addressed during outages to help prolong equipment life. 

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